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Have you been to Lamb's Lately?

and Uplands Area is complete!

If you can get it here,
we can lift it!

Power, Parts or Paint -
All Points Lead to Lambs.


The Captain's Corner is intended to provide information regarding boating in general. With the help of our own Downing Nightingale, Jr., we can tap into his mind to find out his take on important issues and concepts.  You just might learn something you never knew.


FREE DOCKAGE ! ! ! For the month of May, for the FIRST 5 new customers to call in, 1 WEEK FREE DOCKAGE ! ! !

For current storage customers (1 month minimum) get 20% DISCOUNT on a standard bottom job, booked before 9/30/14.

We can finally get our boats out of hibernation and give them a spring bath. Like anything else that has been left idle, itís time to do a little checking before you head out. Start with clean fuel. Check your fuel filters and replace as necessary. Lambís has mid grade (89 octane) NON-ETHANOL gasoline blended with ValvTect Octane Performance Improver additive. Besides being right at the bulkhead, our gasoline pump is located so that even the largest trailer rig can easily pull through and fuel. Our Diesel fuel is also custom blended with ValvTect additive to be free of bacteria and algae, stabilize the fuel and return the lubricity lost in some low sulfur fuels.

Now is also the time to check PFDs (lifejackets), fire extinguishers, expiration date on emergency flares, navigation lights and sound signals. Even if you are only going on a day trip, do you have an adequate first aid kit?

Letís enjoy our beautiful St. Johns River and please help keep it clean for all to enjoy.